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Whether your event is in-person or online, the experience relies heavily on the seamless flow of audio production. From corporate meetings to live performances, producers and technicians must be prepared to correct, manage, and anticipate solutions for any event scenario.

We plan and contribute throughout the entire process. Our industry knowledge allows us to:

  • Ask the right questions. The first step in determining what you require is knowing the right questions to ask. We coordinate with the venue and your team to understand what you need – whether that’s small speakers or line arrays, wireless headset mics or audio mixers to accommodate panel discussions, live bands, video playback and more.
  • Select the proper equipment. By creating room layouts and CAD designs, we ensure adequate sound, space, and functionality for the venue and attendee size. Our experience in hundreds of hotels and event spaces across the U.S. lets us know what will look and sound best to get your message across.
  • Manage the process in a timely manner. We help ensure the event is managed in a timely manner, from load-in to strike.


Events/com believes in creating lasting partners, providing our clients with the best possible equipment, asking the right questions to fully understand the scope, and ensuring we have the best technicians on site to make your production come together flawlessly.

  • “Thank you so much to you and your team for your always impressive service. It is such a relief to never doubt or worry about av services at an event.”
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