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October 24, 2020 | Michael Buschine

LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls

LED video walls are a great way to transform your event into an experience for attendees. With recent advancements in the technology, LED video walls have become highly sought after for corporate, sporting, and performing arts events. From customizability to reliability the benefits of using LED over traditional projection displays are seemingly limitless.

Customizable Design – By design, LED video walls can be constructed to suit any size, space, or shape that is desired. With creative application LED video walls can not only be utilized as a presentation tool, they can also be used to shape the environment of your event adding a dynamic element that is guaranteed to captivate your audience. Not only are these walls customizable in construction, Events/com’s creative team will create unique designs and motion graphics catered to fit any layout.

High Visibility and Reliability – Projection display has traditionally been the go-to tool for meetings, events and presentations. While projectors are great in many situations, they come with several limitations. Low-quality projectors have low contrast ratio and low brightness which will make them seem outdated to today’s discerning audiences. LED walls on the other hand do not have these issues. This means no complicated screen set up, light dimming, darkening a room, or odd shadows. You will have complete confidence that your audience can see and receive your message.

Cost Efficient – While the cost of LED walls has been greatly reduced over the past several years, it is still often slightly more expensive upfront in comparison to projection displays. This upfront expense is rapidly made up for though as projectors often come with hidden costs such as screens and blackout curtains that make them an expensive option as well. When a client requires an efficient system that gets the job done with unassailable results, the LED video wall is the clear choice.

Flexibility – LED video walls come with a great amount of flexibility. Our video walls can be designed and utilized to suit any client’s needs. If a client is hosting a virtual event our Chauvet wall can add a crisp and high-resolution text, graphics and backdrops to your broadcast that performs better than greenscreens and virtual backgrounds. With this application clients are assured that they are sending their message at the best quality. More than just virtual events though, our DigiLED Taura6 can be set up for large scale outdoor events to display everything from a live scoreboard for a sporting event, a backdrop for a concert, or used to convey important information at high visibility. The flexibility of LED walls means clients have the option to host their event in any location knowing their display needs can be met.

Whether it’s small or large scale, indoor or outdoor, LED video walls are amazing display tools that give clients a new layer of freedom when planning their events. With an LED wall you can expect nothing but a perfect vibrant event where your audience experiences every moment.


By Michael Buschine, Graphic Designer

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