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Who We Are

A trusted name in the corporate meeting and event industry, Events/com is a seasoned team of production managers, senior event producers, specialized technicians, and creatives operating in a Fortune 500 arena.

We define success by how our teams are able to adapt, problem solve, and align with your goals while working towards the overall success of the event. Events/com’s standards are rooted in our level of service and detail, while keeping our clients protected, secure, and on brand. Our core values are commitment, compliance, and continued service to our clients.


From corporate meetings to education and celebration, we highlight the most important
element of gathering – people, while managing the process of what makes a professional
production appear seamless.

Our success is gauged by the success of our clients, meeting planners, and the events we
produce. We contribute to the seen and unseen elements of your organization’s story –
adding layers that enhance the overall production of an event. Through stage selection,
content management, and design, we are an extension of your team, providing services
that go beyond the four walls of the ballroom, convention center, arena, or studio.


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